How do I get to Sydney International Equestrian Centre (SIEC)?

Google Maps

Saxony Rd, Horsley Park NSW 2175

The fastest route (includes tolls) from Sydney airport is via the M5. It will take you about 35 minutes in normal traffic. For detailed instructions, please refer to the google maps link above

Where do I park?

Upon arriving at SIEC you will be greeted by friendly staff to assist park you in the right area. Parking for the Gold tickets will be in P3, P2 and P1. Parking for Diamond and Platinum VIP tickets will be in P4, P5 and P6. All parking areas can be identified on the venue map. Be sure to have your tickets ready at the gate, so you can be directed to right area by our parking attendants.

How do I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased only through the Dressage Masterclass website.


Do not attempt to purchase your tickets using your mobile phone!
Although it is possible, you will get a much smoother user experience if you use a desktop computer, laptop or tablet (iPad).
(On your mobile phone you are also unable to select your seats – the ticketing software will automatically choose them for you).

Check your browser – Windows PC users should use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 6.0 or above for best results. Macintosh users should use OSX with the Safari browser for best results. More details for Mac users can be found below.

Can I select my own seats?

Yes of course you can choose your preferred seat. It’s a Dressage Masterclass event! All seating will be individually allocated. This means there will be no need to queue for seats on the day of the event!

How do I select a ticket?

Click on the section you want to sit in. This will open a window with yellow dots. Select your seat by clicking on a yellow dot. Once your seat is selected it will turn black. Please note there is an arrow to the stage. Row D means the front row. Row D is the bottom line when you click on a section.

If a dot is white, the seat has already been booked.

What do the different ticket types mean?

All 3 ticket types will get you access to the afternoons program, along with “Spencer Wilton & the Stars of the Future – Powered by Saddleworld.”

Gold = Allocated grand stand seating

Platinum = Tiered VIP seating (4 patrons per table)

Diamond = Ringside VIP seating (8 patrons per table)


What does a VIP ticket include?

There are two types of VIP tickets. They are Diamond and Platinum. The difference between the two, is that the Platinum tickets will be in the 2 tiers overlooking the arena at SIEC.

A ringside Diamond ticket is exactly that. You will be seated ringside, as close to the action as possible. As your table is on the arena surface, we thank you for your understanding, as we cannot have glass at these tables. It would be best to leave the heels at home too! 😉

Both the Platinum and Diamond ticket holders will be able to sit at their tables during the afternoon program. VIP service will not commence until 3.45pm.

From 3.45pm VIP guests will be able to enjoy table service. You will enjoy gourmet dips on arrival. The main course is a succulent buffet and will be served during the interval at approximately 6.30pm. Please note that the menu caters for vegetarians. Desserts will then be served to the table.

You will be able to enjoy our premium beverage service from 3.45pm to the conclusion of the show.

You will also have the benefit of VIP parking.


Can I book a VIP table with friends?

Please note, as we have no way of knowing who you would like to sit with, you will need to make one booking, to ensure you are seated with your friends. That means organising your table and then one person making the booking for you all at the same time. The Diamond tables cater for 8 guests and the Platinum tables for 4 guests per table.

If bookings are made separately, we won’t be able to sit you with your friends at a later date but on the bright side, you will have the opportunity to meet some new friends!

What if I just want a general admission ticket?

There are no general admission tickets to the event. There are only allocated tickets to “Spencer Wilton & the Stars of the Future- Powered by Saddleworld.” You will need one of these tickets in order to access the afternoon program.

Will Dressage Masterclass have a box office?

Yes, we will have a box office in the trade village. We will be selling merchandise and of course be there to assist you. This page will be updated with the trade stand location in due course.

Do I have to enter at the correct door?

As the tickets are allocated, you will be required to enter at the correct door for your section. The sections and doors will be clearly labeled at the event.

I would like to buy tickets for a group of friends. Are there group discounts?

Groups will need to book together in order to sit together, as all seating will be allocated. For groups over 20, please contact boxoffice@dressagemasterclass.com.au. This only applies to Gold tickets.

Will there be a Trade Village?

Yes, there will be an exciting line up of traders. With the trade village all undercover, you can be sure you can shop until you drop, no matter the weather!

Will there be food available?

Yes, there will be various food and beverage options available to all patrons throughout the event.

Will there be a bar?

Of course! There is no BYO though, so leave those champagne bottles at home. 😉

I would like to meet some of the stars?

Stay tuned… many of our stars will feature at various trade stands throughout the event.

How can I thank the sponsors?

Aren’t you lovely! Please show your appreciation by supporting our sponsors wherever possible with your purchases. Why not visit the masterclass naming rights sponsor Saddleworld, along with Animal Therapeutics, BJS Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd and Boutique Equinesat their trade stands and thank them in person! They’d love to see you.

You could also show your appreciation by flying your equine stars with our valued partners IRT.

Did we answer your question? If not, we’d love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at boxoffice@dressagemasterclass.com.au or you can call us on 0420 316 481 between the hours of 10am-4pm. If we don’t answer, be sure to leave a message as we will call you back as soon as our box office personnel are free.