2016 Presenter – Carl Hester MBE



Simply the


Dressage Masterclass’s inaugural event featured what can only be described as one of the world’s leading dressage trainers and personalities in Carl Hester MBE.  He brought with him the kind of passion, knowledge and humour we’ve all come to know and love from the 5-time Olympian, inspiring the entire Australian dressage community in the process!

Carl Hester dressage training
Carl Hester MBE working with Brett Parbery & PPH Zeppelin
Indoor 1 at Werribee Park was transformed into a 2,500 seat stadium

Werribee was


18 months of planning from the DMC team finally came to fruition when Werribee Park was presented in the best possible light to help us show industry what’s capable with the promotion of equestrian sport in Australia.

Highlights included the transformation of Indoor 1 into a 2,500 seat stadium and a 300-seat restaurant in Indoor 2, while the Dressage Trade Village and bars were a hit with fans!

Dressage Trade Village
The Dressage Trade Village was a hit!
Carl Hester and Riley Alexander
Riley Alexander & Fiderhall train under the watchful eye of Carl

Showcasing the


Dressage Masterclass was keen to promote a variety of horses and riders for Carl to work with, and we were delighted with the results! Emerging riders like Riley Alexander (left), Tori Stuckey and Stephanie McDonald helped us showcased  the depth of talent within our sport.

Increasing the


As the night went on, spectators were treated to the incredible training knowledge of Carl as he worked with a variety of combinations and common training issues we all face in our daily training. His insistence on getting the basics right – and the flow-on effects for the more complicated movements if you neglect them – were timely reminders for all of us!

Steph McDonald and Che Du Jeu
Steph McDonald and Che Du Jeu featured in the night-time session
Carl Hester and Brett Parbery
Brett conducts the Q&A with Carl to conclude the evening

The Fun


To conclude the evening our very own Brett Parbery – fresh from his ride in the Grand Prix section – returned to present the Q&A session with Carl. With audiences submitting questions online or via text during the show, Carl answered questions on everything from common training issues, to horse management and whether he will return (stay tuned on that one!)